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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Houses on the Hill

Well last Friday went by without a wonderful create session. I went to work instead. Which is really cool because I get to create there too. I quilt on a long arm quilting machine owned by Sue. www.suebsquilting.co.nz if ever you are in Wellington.

Over the weekend I had a really good tidy up in my sewing room, I thought it best to get a clear space for some creative juices to start flowing. Hmmm I did find yet another UFO (unfinished flipping object) so here is a few photos of the houses on the hill.

Here in NZ or more precisly Wellington we have houses strewn all over the hill sides. First photo is of the piece with-out the black tule which will go over the top of it to hold it all together, next photo with tulle. All I need do is quilt it, square up, bind, and label. See when you type it up it sounds so easy....

Anyway enjoy.

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  1. This is sooo cool! I still havent quilted anything since I have been back home. Maybe if I blog about it.......

    Love the black tulle over it. Really gives the sky depth.
    Give my love to all