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www.gracestudio.co.nz I am an at Home Mum with 2 children and one Gerry, which in my book makes for 3 children. I make gorgeous handcrafted, cold processed, soap.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wedding Gift for one of Gerry's friends

So Gerry wanted something for his friend getting married, last year, and their wedding invite was paua shell on black so here i go........His friend goes Paua diving and fishing a lot so I used the fish hook design and drew one out, then decided to do 2 because there will be two people in this union right, with me so far, then entwined them one taking care of the other. i was quite wrapped.
Beginnings of an idea

Real Paua Shell Sewn On
Finished Item
quilting and outlines sewn.

and then a bad photo of the whole lot.
Unfortunately it has already been given to them and i didn't get a change to do a better photo, also I don't think they liked it because we haven't heard from them since and it was a while ago. oh dear. I guess sometimes our idea of what looks nice and a bit arty might not be someone else's idea.
Going back to soap again in February :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New art quilt being made....

An idea has been brewing outside of getting my Grace quilts done.
This one is a full moon arty quilt, picture below as to how far I have gotten. Also need to make a paua shell one for a friend getting Married in November.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

new blog page

Hi There,
So please go on over to grace-moniquebrown.blogspot.com and tell me what you think. Which page shall i keep or shall i do both, one for Grace Quilts and things and this one for my journey?
 Let me know folks.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Soap Making

Am getting off track, have made my first batch of home made soap.
Fantastic fun and a little bit exciting.
See pic of first lot. I cut them while they were still a bit soft and then am drying them on a rack - hence the rack marks on them. Will not do that again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My new business. Grace.

Well it is high time to start creating and selling those creations, so first off I will call this "Grace" (as in Devine).

My first few quilts are done and just need binding and labeling, how cool.

10% of any profit that I make will go to charity.

At present I think that The House of Grace would be my top pick. Not just because of the name. The House of Grace is a home for pregnant teens, providing support and education up to and after the birth of the baby. Wonderful people.

also need to figure out how to put photos onto blog without having to run down the page........:-)

Next finding a Logo - exciting - scary.

Looking forward to showing you what I have been up to soon.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 Rain on Fern
A rainy long weekend and we thought we would take the boys walking through the bush, fantastic idea Gerry, thanks.
Have decided if I am to blog I will need to write about more then just quilting because I haven't done a lot lately. So here is a random photo of something that reminded me of Grace.

Could be a quilt in the making????


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hospital Quilts Delivered

Some of the Monday Munches group that made heeps of them
Here are some of the quilts that were made for the Children's Hospital here in Wellington. Sue was asked if she could get a few made.............110 or more later.........

Just one of many stands

Yes my tractor made it there.

My Hero, Sue Burnett