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Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Blog Ever

Friday - my at home day

Oh my goodness, yes I've gone and done it and created a blog. I am so excited. I have watched and read many friends blogs and finally I feel ready to leap onto the cyber world as it were.

Today is Friday and I am supposed to be doing my creativity day from 9.30am till 2pm.

Hmmm so far (and it's 12.02pm here) I have done the dishes, looked at the washing pile, noticed that it is only 12.2 degrees Celsius inside the house and colder outside, so what would the point of washing the washing be?? How would I get it dry??? any way I digress (again) have eaten the chocolate fudge that was supposed to be for the children, (they didn't like it as it was too healthy, nuts, seeds, and dates instead of sugar) and I have ordered a heat-pump for the kitchen dining area.

World Health Organisation would have a field day knowing how cold our house is during winter. Now I need to start sewing and making more quilts to sell to pay for it. Hence the idea of an at home "create" day just for me. Best I get started.

I will endevour to take photos, upload photos etc as I work, hehe what fun tings to learn.

See you all soon.

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